International Tax Services in Woodbridge, NJ

taxes folder with pen and calculatorIf you’re generating income on a global scale or are managing accounts in multiple countries, it’s imperative you seek international tax services in Woodbridge, NJ when the time comes to prepare your tax filings. Failing to record international income or mismanaging information regarding global accounts could land you in trouble with the IRS!

Lata Kirpalani, CPA. P.C. DBA Tax Tuesday specializes in international tax situations and can provide you with comprehensive assistance that ensures your tax filings are on the level and completed appropriately.

Do you need international tax help?

For small businesses who are domestic, yet have foreign sales and interactions, knowing the scope of your international taxes can be difficult. We can help you identify if and how you need to be filing. Our services generally include people who generate foreign income, foreign revenue or have bank accounts outside of the United States.

These people have to do taxes in compliance with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) rules. Foreign bank accounts, income or revenue all has to be reported on U.S. taxes.

If you’re not sure if you’re generating international revenue or if you need to complete filings for worldwide income, consult with Lata Kirpalani, CPA. P.C. DBA Tax Tuesday right away. We’ll help you navigate your books to ensure any and all global income is properly accounted for.

Filing for worldwide income

Our tax services in Woodbridge, NJ focus on individuals who generate worldwide income. This is a specialty field not always offered by general CPAs or tax prep services. It’s important to seek a firm that’s well-versed and seasoned when it comes to international tax, to ensure your filings are completed the right way, the first time!

For more information about international tax services in Woodbridge, NJ or to inquire about our abilities to assist you with your global filings, get in touch with us today by calling 732-662-5656.